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October 21, 2013

【Students of Bologna University, Italy, visit Rakuten】

On August 22, eight Bologna University students visiting Japan from Italy came to Rakuten for a tour and orientation.
They study Japanese at university and have been experiencing Japanese culture such as ikebana and tea ceremony during their visit, but this was their first time to visit a Japanese company. The students showed deep interest in the facilities and equipment as well as the behavior of employees.
The orientation was also led by an Italian staff member who happens to be an alumni of Bologna University.
The Bologna University graduate, through his overview of Rakuten’s business operations and talking about his own job, communicated to the students the ups and downs of Japan and working at Rakuten as well as the source of his motivation.
The questions kept coming: “What is the top selling product?” “How is this different from other online commerce websites?”
There was a happy ending as the students left chanting one of the Rakuten Principles for Success – “Speed! Speed! Speed!”
We are happy that the group got to know more about Japanese companies and, through their fellow Bologna alumni, have gained a greater sense of their own potential.

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October 03, 2013

【First all-English course held at Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School – Kobo used here too】

A Rakuten IT School course was held for a second year high school International Baccalaureate (IB) class from Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School in Kyoto on September 9 and September 14.
The course was held for students with the strong desire to “make their mark on the global stage” – all their school lessons apart from Japanese are given in English.
A foreign employee from Rakuten Group Canadian affiliate Kobo, Inc. was also engaged to teach the course fully in English.
When it came to the task of coming up with new Internet services, the students came up with highly practical ideas that would put any adult to shame, and the positivity and excitement shown by the students from start to finish was a great surprise for the lecturers.
A new initiative was tested with the introduction of kobo e-readers containing the course materials in the place of textbooks.
There was plenty of happy feedback. Many students hoped to set up their own businesses in the future and made comments such as, “I experienced the joy of creating a business.” and “It was a chance to think about how to capitalize on my English ability and the direction I should go in in the future.”
This group may well be the source of proud Japanese people who are active on the world stage. We look forward to that day!

By Rena

(Source: rakuten-itschool)

posted 11 months ago

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