【Students from all over Japan come to Rakuten HQ for the Female High School Student Information & Media Workshop 2013】

The Female High School Student Information & Media Workshop 2013 was held in late August for high school girls interested in sciences. The event was designed to inspire curiosity about the IT sector by offering a chance to visit large IT companies and to experience programming. Sixteen high school students interested in IT visited Rakuten from all around Japan.

After a tour of the company, a seminar about Rakuten was led by a female staff member with a humanities background working in technology at Rakuten. Later, the students split into groups to talk about the joys and difficulties of the workplace, motivation and other issues.

The Q&A session was lively with questions such as, “Did you study English at university?” and “How did you choose which university to go to?”
This session was reported on specifically in IT Pro.
Participants in the workshop went home with plenty of new ideas:
“It has filled me with courage to know that women are working in all departments.”
“I would love to be able to work with foreigners.”
“I thought that everyone would be working at their computers, but I was impressed to see everyone working so freely and happily!”
Please take a look at these hardworking high school students and women of Rakuten!
・IT Pro - High school girls interested in science taste the joys of programming


posted 11 months ago