【Company visit by third year junior high school students of Yashio Gakuen】 

Five third-year junior high school students from Yashio Gakuen in Shinagawa Ward near the Rakuten Towers HQ, paid us a visit.
The students were a little nervous upon arriving at headquarters, having the impression that everyone would be silently working at their computers and that the staff would all be very “cool.” On the tour, as they watched a meeting where employees engaged in a lively discussion and noticed the freestyle ways of working, their eyes grew wide with surprise and one exclaimed, “Working looks fun!”   
In a briefing given by staff, the students learned about the Rakuten mission and important things to remember about work. It was certainly an opportunity for the students to think about the mindset they should have between now and the time they start their careers.  
Rakuten will continue to deepen its exchange with the community through these kinds of activities under the concept of “Power to Japan!

posted 12 months ago