【Matsumoto seminar group, Rikkyo University starts Kobo industry-academia partnership course】

The bell rang for the start of an industry-academia partnership course for 18 third-year students in the Matsumoto seminar group at Rikkyo University.
The students will be coming up with ideas for a year-end final presentation on the subject of “Creating a PR plan to promote the use of Kobo e-readers.”

The first day of the course included a lecture on the e-reader today, and they learned the pros and cons of e-readers and what kind of issues were to be addressed in the future. They enthusiastically asked questions and even came up with an idea: “How about displaying the device in a place like this.”
Most of them had not yet had any experience with e-readers.
Their interest was truly piqued at the end of the class when actual Kobo devices were handed out.
“It’s cute even when a girl holds it!” and “Lighter than I thought!” were some of the first impressions to spring forth. “I want to use it every day for my research!” was another eager reaction.
We look forward to plenty of zany and freewheeling ideas from these students. Happy studies until the end of the year!

posted 12 months ago